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Yes, I'm still alive.

And because I've been away for such along time, I think you all deserve an explanation.

You see, since moving away from here and onto my other account, ApplejackTheTruck, I've been kind of straying away from this account as well as drawing. After a while, I basically abandoned this account and went on to make a fresh start. I started doing photography on my other account, and it's paid off fairly well so far. In my opinion, a lot better than how this account went.

As of today, ApplejackTheTruck is still my main account, and probably will be for as long as I'm on DeviantArt. However, I've wanted to try and get back into drawing again, but it hasn't been a smooth process. Between life issues and technical issues, it's been nearly impossible to do so. Even now I'm still having tech issues. But now that I have a working computer to actually draw with, I'm ready to try again.

Starting today, this account will get a complete revamp. I'll leave various groups and completely wipe my gallery clean (You'll still be able to view of you click "all" in the gallery) besides the best of what I've done in the past. And since this is now considered a secondary account, I have no intentions of dressing it up. If anything, I'll use the same avatar and profile picture as my other account. 

As for drawing, it won't come often. Only when I can. I'm also thinking of doing simplistic style. Nothing fancy, but still appealing.

*sigh*...feels good to be back...


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PS3, sorry :(
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