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Yes, I'm still alive.

And because I've been away for such along time, I think you all deserve an explanation.

You see, since moving away from here and onto my other account, ApplejackTheTruck, I've been kind of straying away from this account as well as drawing. After a while, I basically abandoned this account and went on to make a fresh start. I started doing photography on my other account, and it's paid off fairly well so far. In my opinion, a lot better than how this account went.

As of today, ApplejackTheTruck is still my main account, and probably will be for as long as I'm on DeviantArt. However, I've wanted to try and get back into drawing again, but it hasn't been a smooth process. Between life issues and technical issues, it's been nearly impossible to do so. Even now I'm still having tech issues. But now that I have a working computer to actually draw with, I'm ready to try again.

Starting today, this account will get a complete revamp. I'll leave various groups and completely wipe my gallery clean (You'll still be able to view of you click "all" in the gallery) besides the best of what I've done in the past. And since this is now considered a secondary account, I have no intentions of dressing it up. If anything, I'll use the same avatar and profile picture as my other account. 

As for drawing, it won't come often. Only when I can. I'm also thinking of doing simplistic style. Nothing fancy, but still appealing.

*sigh*...feels good to be back...
But before I do, I have one question....

Who's still here after all of this silence?
After about a 2 month Hiatus, I've decided to return once again, but some changes will also be coming.

First off, I think I owe an explanation for my hiatus. Well first, something happened which required most of the space on my Chromebook. I won't go into details, other than it was video evidence of something in case things got shady, which they didn't. This means that I was able to delete the videos and free up space on my Chromebook. Another reason I've been under a hiatus was due to technical problems with the program I've been using recently, Sketchpad. There was an issue with auto-saving, but that has recently been fixed.

The changes that will follow will be my drawing style. At the moment at least, I will no longer be doing complete colored drawings. There may be some color in some of them, but for the most part, they will be free form sketches, while also experimenting with various elements in the program.

I know some of you were missing me. But I'm not gone.

Not yet. A new era has begun.
This account, admittedly, has been practically dead for a long time. Even after I "revived" it. Things didn't spring back like I thought. Of course I'm not surprised, since I pretty lost most contact with some of the friends I made on here including TroyJr24 CinnaJen , and a few others.

Honestly, I think I've run my course for this account, but I think I can give it one more try. I'm going to make a change to hopefully revive this account. And hopefully, those changes will come soon.
Applejack -Hair Down- by Godoffury
^ Me right now ^
I don't know about most of you...

But I'll be rooting for these guys...

Atlanta Falcons by BeAware8
I got my first hate comment!!! (Or reply in this case)

And boy, it made me laugh...hard...

Laugh Out Loud 

Like honestly, the way he wrote it was amazing.
*Notices the hashtag "PewDiePieIsOverParty"*

...really...are you fucking kidding me? All because he said "that" as a joke?
When he wasn't even using it in an offensive way?
When he wasn't hurting anyone? Or committing a crime?
Just a joke for (at this point some) people to laugh at?

BlastphamousHD Emoticon #14 
Okay, so today is supposed to be in the 50's...

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's with a chance of storms...

Sunday is supposed to be in the 30's with an early chance of freezing rain...

What in the unreal fuck is going on???
First Robot Jones...

Now this little number...

Okay, now some of you probably don't want to hear about this. And that is fine. You don't have to read this if you don't want too. It's just a little rant about a topic that I've really been wanting to discuss.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I obviously love sex. I should know, because I've had sex before. If you know what you're doing, it can be a truly amazing feeling. However, some people feel the need to look down upon it as something shameful or wrong. Which to be completely honest, it isn't. Sex can be a beautiful thing for those who enjoy it. Now, I understand that each experience with sex is different, and that's fine. But don't degrade people who actually enjoy it. As long as they play it safe, and know what they're doing, what's the harm in it? There is none. 
As for religious beliefs, they are also fine, but they should apply to you and you only. Do not shun and look down upon those who have sex regardless of your beliefs. Now for premarital sex, that is also fine. If you want to save up until marriage, that's fine. I won't judge your decisions. But please, for fuck sake, stop degrading people for having healthy premarital sex relationships. There's no harm in having sex before you're married. 

The reason I brought this topic up is a couple reasons. The main reason being that my ex's mom seemed to not like the fact that we were having sex. What happened was, we had sex (with a condom obviously) and decided to keep it a secret. When my parents found out, there were 100% fine with it. 
Her stepdad was also fine with it. Hell, he even provided us with condoms. However, my ex's mother didn't seem to like it so much. What I'm assuming happened is that the beans were spilled in some way, and she decided to conduct a plan to split us up. Which includes telling her that I was cheating on her with my female friend, which was obviously a complete lie. Her mother just didn't like me, even though I was extremely nice and polite with her.

There was no good reason for any of that, especially since I was EXTREMELY careful with my ex-girlfriend during sex. I even kept asking if she was okay while we fucked, because I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted her to enjoy herself. We both enjoyed ourselves, big time.

Anyway, I think that's about enough of that rather lewd rant.
So I just read a comic on Derpibooru...
Where a Honda NSX...does naughty things to Rarity...
Wut by BurnyStuff
But while I thought it was one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen on this fandom, I actually found it kind of cute. I kind of like it when cars are sentient and show emotions. In fact, I always think cars have emotions. I think of my Ford Ranger as my baby (or even girlfriend in this case because I'm weird). I talk to her, give her plenty of love, and spoil her rotten. So yeah. I obviously love cars, including my own. For many, that said comic is the ultimate form of wut. But for me, it's kind of indescribable. I don't know whether to cringe at the weirdness or be blissful and d'aww out in the adorableness. I guess it's just up to those who admire it.

However, I honestly don't think my truck is gonna do dirty things to me...(goddammit...)
There's something that I really like.
I've been giving out little hints here and there as to what it was, but they don't tell the full story.
Anyway, I've been thinking about it a lot, and I think it's time for me to be brave, and tell you all what it is.

...*deep sigh*...

This is what I'm into...
Maud's Miscalculation by MLPCutePic
Not so much Maud herself, but the thing she's wearing.
Yes...It's true. For those who've known me for a while, this may be a bit of a surprise to you. But I have this..."thing"...for diapers. I'm not sure why, but I do. For a while, I thought of it as one of the most embarrassing things to ever develop in my subconscious. I started to try and force it out of my mind so I could forget about it, due to how I thought of it at the time. Then one day, a friend of mine on DeviantArt admitted he had a thing for diapers too. I told him that I also had a thing for them (since he didn't know at first), and we quickly got into a discussion about it. After that, I started to get back into liking diapers again. A while after that, I started to think about being more open about it, which I did to an extent. Eventually, the confidence I received from my friend lead to me writing this journal admitting to you all that I like diapers. The only thing I hope in the end, due to the internet being a rather harsh and cold place, is that you don't think of me any less as a person.

I also want to make it VERY CLEAR...I'm not into the whole "Babying" thing. Just plain diaper wearing (and using). Also, contrary to belief, I am definitely NOT a pedophile. I just like them. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.
No, not Papyrus or Sans. We're not talking about Undertale...

I'm talking about this..."thing"...that I have.

I'll give you a hint. It has something to do with something I drew a couple months ago and a group I recently joined...

Try and figure it out, and I might tell you...if you want.

So...Cars 3...they give us this...
What the fuck Pixar?

2014 | 2016

A True Friend by PoniesWithCarsRuleFearless by PoniesWithCarsRule

For those who have been with me for that long, you can obviously see that I'm improving on here.

On the left (2014):

Something I made for a friend who is no longer on DeviantArt (as far as I know). I saw an image if her OC being a victim of bullying, since she was a victim herself in real life, and this was my response. At the time, I was using Serif DrawPlus. Which meant (due to the way it worked) I used a lot of vectors and vectored shapes to make the image.

On the right (2016):

Something I also made for a friend. He said on his journal that he got jumped and had his things stolen. This was my response. This was drawn on my Chromebook with the art program app, Sketchpad. The Chromebook has a touch screen which means I can use a stylus kind of pen to draw. After a few practice draws I got the hang of the app, and now, it is my current means of drawing on here.
(This will also be posted on ApplejackTheTruck)

   Okay, this just happened about an hour ago. There was a one car wreck outside my house. This happened about 5 minutes after I pulled into my driveway. I'll explain in better detail. I live on a country road, and there's a curve to the right of my house (the house's right). This curve is pretty much blind, so if you're not careful enough, you could end up in a front end wreck. Anyway, about 5 minutes after I rounded that curve and pulled into my driveway, there was a horrific crash on that very curve that I was just on. It was extremely hard to tell exactly what happened due to the damage of the car. But what I can only assume is that the white Chevrolet Cavalier (similar to this one:…) took the curve too fast and lost control. Slamming possibly headfirst into a tree and flipping the car on it's roof. The front was torn off and the rear was completely caved in. You couldn't even tell if it was a car at all. Thankfully, the person driving the car is alive, but was battered badly by the wreck. Of course if you saw the wreck, you think right away that someone had died. That's how bad it was. What scared me about it was that it happened not even 5 minutes after I took that same exact curve.
If I took that curve any later than that, I probably would've been involved in some way
Tails and Cream by Ihtiander

A ship that I've been getting into recently.
Whether you appreciate it or disapprove of it, I generally accept whatever your opinion is about them.
As for me, I love these two. They are a cute couple that I'd like to see more often.
Why do I like this pairing? Well, I guess all I could say is that...Tails reminds me of myself. He's techno genius and has a passion for planes. I'm sort of the same way. I'm looking into being a mechanic someday and I have a huge passion for cars.
As for the Cream part. I don't know. I just think is makes more sense since they are around the same age.
Everytime I look at these two, I can't help but smile...
...But, I also feel slightly depressed. But enough about myself and my bullshit.
This pairing is absolutely adorable and I hope to see more appreciation out of it.
Like the one I had in March, but slightly different. She was around my age and had dark hair. We were just talking on the couch, watching TV. You know, casual stuff. Then she kissed me on the cheek, and I just smiled.

Awkwardly, this comes about a month after me and my ex broke up for reasons I'd rather not describe. Because I don't want to. If you want to know, I'll tell you, not that I really care anyway. I know some of you will say that I'll find the one. Even a couple of my friends said that. But who knows. I live in a rather small pond, and all I'm hoping is that the pond isn't too small.