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After about a 2 month Hiatus, I've decided to return once again, but some changes will also be coming.

First off, I think I owe an explanation for my hiatus. Well first, something happened which required most of the space on my Chromebook. I won't go into details, other than it was video evidence of something in case things got shady, which they didn't. This means that I was able to delete the videos and free up space on my Chromebook. Another reason I've been under a hiatus was due to technical problems with the program I've been using recently, Sketchpad. There was an issue with auto-saving, but that has recently been fixed.

The changes that will follow will be my drawing style. At the moment at least, I will no longer be doing complete colored drawings. There may be some color in some of them, but for the most part, they will be free form sketches, while also experimenting with various elements in the program.

I know some of you were missing me. But I'm not gone.

Not yet. A new era has begun.
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